Pietų Megrame, JSC making and installing plastic windows and doors was founded on 24 September 1997. Today the company has 110 employees. Pietų Megrame, JSC is a member of the Republican Association of Window and Door Manufacturers. The company has been awarded certificates of acknowledgement by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Administration of the Head of Alytus County, and mayor of Lazdijų District for active work and creation of new work places in the region.

Pietų Megrame, JSC has 2500 square meters of productions areas. The company continuously updates and improves its production process and has introduced a new production line. About 150 standard and 30 non-standard products are made per day.

Pietų Megrame, JSC has about 30 representatives throughout Lithuania. The company's products are exported to Scandinavia, Belarus, Russian, England, Spain, and other European Union countries.

Philosophy and values of Pietų Megrame, JSC

"Behind each earned euro, each produced window there is a PERSON. Whether a client, customer, janitor, installer, department manager, director, this person is of utmost importance to our company. Because without a person event the most complex machines and costly technologies are nothing but dead metal. The team has to be organized to encourage the personnel to work. People have to feel safe at their work place and their wages must be sufficient for them to have a decent quality of life. When you know that you are valued by your team, the management can rest assured of the results", - says Juozas Megelinskas, the CEO of Pietų Megrame, JSC.

Products and Services

Pietų Megrame, JSC produces warm, high-qaulity white and coloured plastic and aluminium windows, strong, reliable, and safe balcony doors and front doors, perform maintenance, installation, and finishing. We also glaze balconies and perform building renovations.