GEALAN-FUTURA® integrated into the S 9000 system platform enables production of coloured window and door frames compliant with passive household construction requirements according to WA-15/2 technical window standard of Germany's IFT Rosenheim Institute. Tested Uf heat-permeability coefficient value of 0.89 W/m2K shows particularly good basic heat and noise insulation properties of the new system. With GEALAN-FUTURA® coloured casements can reach up to 2.2 meters in size. With the STV® static gluing technology the size can range up to 2.4 meters.

The new Gealan S 9000 triple insulation profile system incorporates the advantages of central and external insulation systems. Installation depth of 82.5 mm, 6 internal chambers inside window casement and frame profiles, and 3 insulation spacers ensure better heat and noise insulation yet. Windows made using profiles of this system comply with requirements raised towards passive household windows.


Integrated STV® technology

Use of the STV® innovative glazing technology not only improves the glazing process but also reduces labour costs as well as improves the heat insulation properties and promotes strength and stability of the structure.

Integrated IKV® technology

Instead of cold steel a special heat-insulating filling is used inside profiles. This not only improves heat insulation properties of profiles and windows but also reduces the weight of structures built with these profiles and facilitates installation while retaining very good stability parameters.

Coloured passive household windows

GEALAN-FUTURA® profiles can also be coloured. We offer a wide range of coloured films and films imitating wood patters as well as multi-coloured aluminium faceplates. GEALAN-FUTURA® profiles can also be coated with coloured acrylate resistant to environmental exposure using unique ACRYLCOLOR coextrusion technology.

  • 3 insulating spacers
  • installation depth of 82.5 mm
  • 6 chambers
  • casement size of up to 2.40 m with STV® and standard reinforcement
  • Integrated STV® technology
  • Integrated IKV® technology
  • A selection of Acrylcolor colours and wood imitation patterns
  • Break-in protection, RC 2
  • Suitable for new construction and renovation
  • Tested according to the newest RAL GZ 716 standard
  • Integrated into the S 9000 system platform, S 9000 with internal and intermediate insulation