Foam filled profiles improve the thermal insulation

One interesting solution to improving the U-values of window frames has been filling the profiles with foam. The new STV® static dry glazing technology opens new, intersting prespectives for this. The total adhesive bonding of the glass to the casement rebate with the aid of a special adhesive strip eliminates the need for steel stiffeners in the profile. The space inside the profile is then available for improving the insulation characteristics through foam filling. With this development it was possible to create a system solution that achieved U-values of under 0.8W/m²K – the standard for passive house construction.

IKD® profiles straight from GEALAN

To achieve this target, it was necessary to develop a new, special foam that could be welded. This foam is added to the profile in the extruder line, injected into the profile chamber. The window manufacturer doesn't have to invest in complex and expensive new technology, as the finished profile bars are delivered ready-to-use. With IKD® profiles, the normal work steps of cutting, welding and trimming are performed as usual.

Even recycling of the foam-filled profile is not a problem, as the foam is held in place through pressure and not by surface bonding. When chopped apart in a recycling processor, the foam filling simply falls out.

First tests with the middle sealing S 7000 plus system and IKD® reveal that when combined with panes with Ug-Values of 0.4 W/m²K and thermal breaks, Uw-Values as low as 0.61 W/m²K can be achieved.

    The advantages of profiles with IKD®:
  • Increased insulation values - Profiles filled with IKD® technology can achieve Uf-values as low as 0.78 W/m²K when used in combniation with STV®(according to ift Rosenheim institute for the profile combination 5010/5007). This is equal to the standard for passive house windows. When combined with panes with Ug-Values of 0.4 W/m²K and Swisspacer V breaks, Uw-Values as low as 0.61 W/m²K can be achieved.
  • Normal workflow - Cutting, welding and trimming can be carried out as usual.
  • No extra investment - The foam is injected into the profile chamber in the factory. The window manufacturer then receives the finished profile off the shelf.
  • No steel stiffeners necessary - When used together with the STV®-technology, normal-sized elements can be assembled without the steel stiffeners. This saves weight, reduces transportation costs and makes installation easier.
  • Simple recycling - The foam is kept in place inside the profile through pressure and not surface bonding. When sawed, the foam can then easily be taken out of the profile and recycled separately.
  • Reduced workload - To achieve excellent thermal insulation it is no longer necessary to fir the profiles by hand with inserts. The profiles are already foam-filled.
  • Increased security - The IKD® profile – when combined with STV® technology – makes it more difficult to pry or force open the window, due to the hardened foam core and the full adhesive bonding between casement and pane.