S 3000

The universal rebate-seal S 3000 system with a construction width of 62 mm was developed for usage in all types of window constructions. Its main characteristic is its efficient construction possibilities. This means identical steel reinforcements for both frames and casings, the same drill axis for stiles and casement frame fittings as well as for mounting screws, identical eurogrooves, and the same flange for all frames and sashes.

Various profiles are available in recessed, semi-recessed and flush designs, as well as a five-chamber variant and a recycling core model with matching accessories. A special variant of the System S 3000 is the designer profile series with its accent on design possibilities for private homes. Special sash forms, with narrow heights and harmonic curves make the assembly of elegant windows possible – especially divided windows.

    The advantages of the S 3000 system:
  • glazing beads with integral gaskets for easy replacement
  • usable with thick panes, optimum for soundproofing: glass strengths up to 33 mm in stepped design frames, up to 49 mm in flush design frames
  • highly developed semi-sloped rebate with large water collection chamber: optimum water runoff through sloped rebate, level surface for flush installation screws, easy to clean
  • secure metal fitting attachment through multiple interior PVC walls and braces
  • several accessory profiles, optimum possibilities for connections, couplings, trims, static profiles and expansions
  • transom bars with special connectors make secure and durable transom connections possible
  • optimal ventilation available with the optional GECCO ventilation system
  • available in a wide selection of acrylcolor tones and wood decors (others available on request)

S 8000

The S 8000 profile series demonstrates GEALAN's consistent focus on the needs of the window market. During the development of this 74-millimetre-deep rebate-sealed system, the goal lay in creating an economic profile with efficient material usage, for easier and more efficient construction.

    The advantages of S 8000:
  • A construction depth of 74 mm ensures excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Efficient use of material in the profile design saves resources and thus helps the environment
  • Large main chamber for steel reinforcements
  • Only one steel bar necessary for frames and casements
  • Improved room climate with the optional patented ventilation system GECCO ensures a controlled exchange between inside and outside air.
  • Available in a wide selection of acrylcolor tones and wood decors (others available on request)
  • Excellent insulation due to six chambers in both frame and sash
  • Very good rigidity due to large steel stiffeners in the frame and sash
  • Easy to clean, thanks to a generously large sash rebate
  • Available in either flat profile with a bevelled glazing bead, or semiflush with round glazing beads

S 9000

Innovative central seal can be freely combined

The new S 9000 system from GEALAN – being a combined system and featuring a construction depth of 82,5 mm – combines the characteristics and benefits of central and stop seals in equal measure. The large construction depth, six profile chambers in the window frame and profile and three integrated sealing levels guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Windows therefore satisfy even the most stringent requirements.

The flexible central seal in the window frame rebate contributes considerably to improving thermal insulation. It also protects the fitting elements from moisture penetrating and thus results in an improved opening behaviour, even when temperatures are low outside.

    The advantages of S 9000:
  • Modern central seal geometry.
  • Suitable for holding 3-way functional panes up to 54 mm thick.
  • Narrow visual width and design-oriented 15° inclines.
  • Intelligent sealing concept with three sealing levels integrated.
  • Optimised for using STV®, in order to bond panes and casement overlaps when dry.
  • Very good thermal and sound insulation thanks to 6-chamber structure and large construction depth in the window frame and profile.

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