Pietų Megrame, JSC makes façade, winter garden, closed terrace, internal partition, window, and doors structures using ALUPROF aluminium profiles. Window, door, and façade structures made of aluminium are durable and resistant to atmospheric exposure. One of the biggest advantages of the aluminium structure is its light weight and easy maintenance. Aluminium profiles do not deform which is very important for the durability of a frequently used window. Although aluminium frames conduct more heat than wooden or plastic frames and for this reasons were for a long time more popular in the warmer climate zones, today they enjoy increased popularity in our country as well. Even more so now that a solution helping to eliminate this fault of aluminium structures - low heat resistance - has been found. Today we have warm aluminium profiles with a thermal bridge.

Unprotected aluminium oxidises and so the profiles are coated with a protective coating, i.e. anodised or painted. Manufacturers guarantee that within the first 10 years the colour will not fade whatsoever and will look as if new. One big advantage of aluminium profiles is the abundant choice of colours. You can choose from a palette of almost 200 different hues. Aluminium profiles can be painted from inside and out in different colours which makes it possible to easily adjust the colour of windows or doors to your interior.

From the environmental point of view, aluminium and plastic is a 100% recyclable material: it is being bought as a non-ferrous metal. Operation of aluminium windows is very easy - all you need to do is wash them from time to time. A window like that will serve you for as long as you want it to.


MB-45 aluminium window and door system

This system can be used in production of internal architectural elements: different types of partitions, windows, doors, sliding and automatic doors, antechambers, stained-glass windows, shop displays, cashier register booths, spatial structures, etc. It serves as a basis for dedicated systems - partitions impermeable to smoke, MB-45D doors, and MB-45S groove-mounted doors. It also enables manufacturing of doors and external glass panes whose profiles require no heat insulation.

Standard MB-45 system comes complete with optimally shaped profiles and accessories. It enables production of light, reliable, and functional structures. This system can also be used as a basis for production of smoke-tight doors that belong to the Sm, Sa classes according to the PN-EN 13502-2:2008 standard.


MB-70 aluminium window and door system

This aluminium profile system is used those external building structures that require better heat and noise insulation: different types of windows, doors, antechambers, shop displays, spatial structures, etc. The system can also have improved heat insulation with additional heat-insulating fillings added to profiles and the space under the glass. The MB-70 system enables production of window and door systems of no higher than RC4 class with protection against break-ins as well as smoke extraction windows. It can also be used for production of different typed of windows, e.g. windows with a hidden casement MB-70US / MB-70US HI and MB-70SG and MB-70 Industrial windows for historical buildings. The system also allows for a "warm cold" façade structure MB-70CW / MB-70CW HI. This system can be used for windows, doors, and façade structures and in energy-saving buildings.


MB-77HS lift-slide aluminium doors system

Lift-and-slide doors are an excellent solution if you seek to adjoin rooms or winter gardens to the space outside. They ensure convenient access to a balcony, terrace, or garden and do not take up any space inside the apartment even when open which adds to their comfort. The MB-77HS system belongs to products of the highest quality and complies with all the requirements raised to the range of these products. Depending on heat insulation, two structural options are available: ST and HI. Profileed design enables production of exceptional larger size doors glazed with single or double-chamber glass panes while employed materials and technical solutions ensure great heat and noise insulation. Due to its outstanding properties the system is very well suited both for individual homes and luxurious apartments and hotels.

The MB-SR50, MB-SR 50HI façade system

The mullion and transom wall system with heat insulation improved by PE insulator is marked by low heat conductivity coefficient and excellent insulation properties. The external and internal building structures with light partitions, large glass panes, as well as spatial structures are made based on the MB-SR50 HI system, e.g. winter gardens, antechambers, porches, attics, skylights, protective awnings, etc. It allows for different finish options: vertical and horizontal line effect (MB-SR50 PL) as well as semi-structural options (MB-SR50 EFEKT). These can also be covered with wooden or steel structures (MB-SR50 A). A fire-safe façade option is also available (MB-SR50 EI).