As of 2009 Pietų Megrame, JSC actively participates in overhaul and renovation projects for apartment blocks and public buildings. In renovating apartment blocks Pietų Megrame, JSC performs façade winterisation, roof winterisation and replacement, staircase repairs, finishing of aperture edges, replacement of windows and doors, galzing of balconies as well as plumbing. We also perform interior finishing - plastering and painting of walls, tiling.

Pietų Megrame, JSC also performs renovation and overhauls for public use buildings: kindergartens, schools, libraries, and other sites.

The scope of renovations we perform helps improve physical and mechanical properties of renovated buildings as well as better their energy efficiency. Renovation not only significantly improves the thermal characteristics of apartment blocks and public buildings but also reduces the cost of their operation and changes their aesthetic image as well as improves the quality of life and presence in such buildings.

We have accumulated substantial experience in this area. We have performed renovations and overhauls on more than twenty residential and public sites.