The front door is a kind of sign that bespeaks your nature and tells the passers by what kind of person lives behind it. Doors have to be safe, strong, warm, impermeable, and, undoubtedly, beautiful, inimitably original, and one of a kind.

The most important functional requirement towards front doors is their strength and safety. Today we tend to lock everything and the more locks there are the better. Thus the front door becomes the gates to our fortress. Glass ornaments have become minimal or disappeared altogether. Current technologies and alarm and surveillance systems once more make glazed, delicately shaped, and less imposing front doors feasible.

Requirement towards the doors inside a an apartment or house have also changed somewhat. The function served by internal doors has become narrower. They simply separate one area from the next. Most people want their homes to have a traditional layout with bedrooms, guest room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. We often seek to separate all these areas with blind and imposing doors that may even sometimes be lightly locked. Guest room and hall doors could use a bit of glass. We use coloured glass with patterns for glazing of doors.

Main compositional elements of internal doors with adjustment to interior: door materials, door shape, opening mechanism, framing and its profiles, handle and lock as well as various ornaments.


S 8000

Beautiful front doors are an important expression of architectural style. Doors give the exterior its inimitable original style but at the same time they have to be strong, safe, and resistant to environmental exposure.

We offer GEALAN S 8000 profile system front doors. The GEALAN S 8000 front door profile system is built so that it is possible to use wide profile reinforcements. 74 mm wide internal profile partitions and their arrangement make it possible to improve the strength of employed steel reinforcement by 30%. Openings are cut in the reinforcement for the lock. The build of the threshold ensures strong attachment of the jamb and threshold. In order to avoid skewing of the door and ensure stability of angles welded corner joints are used. Broad selection of constituent parts makes it possible to produce doors of different configurations and types. It is possible to use different hardware and locks as well as different fillings for the door. The door can open both outwards and inwards. Doors can be made not only of white profiles but also of coloured ACRYLCOLOR ones as well as of profiles coated with ornamental wood imitation and coloured films with wood texture streaks.

20 mm high door threshold corresponds to modern no-threshold flat construction concept for the disabled. Combine threshold produced of several different materials - GEALAN thresholds made of aluminium, aluminium with heat-insulating spacer, and strong fibre glass with low heat conductivity as the final feature of the whole system. It reliably protects the bottom part of the door against heat dissipation and so ensures good heat retention parameters.

  • broad profile reinforcement in the jamb and door
  • high strength and stability
  • good heat and noise insulation
  • narrow visible part of the profile
  • broad selection
  • reliable protection against break-ins